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Marijuana Recipes - The advantages of eating marijuana
The differences between eating and smoking.- There are some distinct differences both in the onset and the duration when marijuana is eaten.When pot is smoked,the high comes on quickly. It may take an hour or longer when marijuana is eaten. Also, the high can last twice as long when eaten.The qualities of the high can also be noticed between the two methods of ingestion. A lot of people compare the effects of eating marijuana to 'tripping' although this seems to be dose related. Don't take too much if you're a novice as this can lead to what is known as a Whitey. It is possible to eat marijuana and not get high at all, but still get the medicinal effects, which are present even in small doses. Controlling the doses is the key to controlling how high you will get.
Why cook.- There are many good reasons to cook with marijuana, including the safety of smoking and the difference in the high.When added to food in high doses, marijuana can act like a long lasting, organic psychedelic drug.You can get very high eating marijuana. Another reason people cook with marijuana is the ease with which it's consumption can be kept secret. A cookie, a space cake,even milk and chocolate can be made from it.These are ways which can disguise the taking of marijuana.Few people, if any, will know that you're getting high from that innocent looking cake or cookie.When used in cooking, marijuana leaf,rather than being a harsh smoke or waste product, is a potent good-tasting herb. Here are a few recipes using the left-over leaf from your crop.
It is illegal to cultivate cannabis in the U.K. without a Home Office Licence This site only applies to Countries where the growing of cannabis takes place.... Like, London, Birmingham, Luton,Liverpool, etc..